Children’s area

Do you want to take time to train but are having trouble juggling between your job, your children and a targeted endurance and strength training programme? Then our childcare staff will be happy to keep the kids busy so you can focus on your fitness.

Our passionate and experienced professionals in the children’s area will take care of the kids while you take time to train or attend a class. Your little ones will have great fun playing and creating, safe in the knowledge that you’re nearby. And after your training session, you’ll be full of energy for tackling the rest of the day with the kids.

The childcare offer in the children’s area is of course included in the subscription.

Children’s area Activ Fitness

Please note the following rules of play for your child’s visit:

Refer to the studio-specific opening hours for the children’s area.

Access to the children’s area is limited to the parents and guardians of the children present.

Use of the children’s area is at the children’s own risk.

Children up to the age of eight are welcome.

We only look after your own children.

Please don’t leave the studio while your child is being looked after in the children’s area.

Don’t take your child into the changing or training areas.

Please be patient if we need to interrupt your training session if your child doesn’t feel well.

Please provide your child with a drink and a snack (no sweets or sugary drinks).

Children can play in slippers, in anti-slip socks or barefoot while in the children’s area.

Our childcare staff are not responsible for changing infants’ nappies.

We cannot accept children who are ill.

Please let us know if your child has an allergy.

Please collect your child at least five minutes before the closing time of the children’s area.

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