Relaxing in the sauna or steam bath

Treat yourself to some relaxation after your workout: a visit to the sauna or steam bath is relaxing for the mind and also helps your muscles to recover.

As well as being good for the mind, wellness is also beneficial for the body: spending time in hot and dry air and then cooling off has a highly stimulating effect on all organs of the body, and boosts our metabolism. The positive effect on the circulation helps to relax our muscles. The damp heat of the steam bath also penetrates deep into the muscles, helping them to recover more quickly – helping to avoid muscle soreness the next day.

Our wellness offer is part of the subscription and, depending on the studio, includes:

Sauna relaxing in studio Activ Fitness


Temperature: 80°C to 90°C

Low air humidity

Recommended duration of sauna visit: 8 to 12 minutes

Recommended number of sauna visits: two to three visits

Steam bath

Temperature: 48°C to 50°C

High air humidity

Recommended duration of steam bath: 15 to 20 minutes

Recommended number of steam bath visits: two to three visits

Separate and mixed sauna use

See your studio’s website with information on the days for separate and mixed saunas to find out when the wellness area can be used by men and women separately.

Please pay attention to the following instructions when entering the sauna or steam bath:

Before visiting the sauna or steam bath

Shower before each visit to the sauna or steam bath, and dry off well.

Remove any jewellery or make-up.

Take a large towel with you into the sauna (big enough for your head and feet).

It is not permitted to use body or hair packs or other cosmetic treatments in our wellness areas.

Please also do not take any massage brushes or gloves into the wellness area.

During your sauna visit

Slowly increase the length and number of your sauna visits up to the recommended level.

Lie or sit calmly and be considerate of other users.

Avoid loud conversations.

Don’t stand up suddenly (to protect your cardiovascular system).

Use the hose to clean the area in the steam bath where you were sitting.

After visiting the sauna or steam bath

Take enough time to cool off.

Cool off gently (e.g. using a hose).

First cool your limbs, then your body and finally your head.

Avoid using the sauna or steam bath if you have any of the following illnesses in particular:

Acute illness with fever

Inflammations (especially those affecting organs and blood vessels)

Cardiovascular disease



Severe liver and kidney conditions

Circulatory disorders in the brain

Severe regulatory disorders of the nervous system

Open wounds