Cardio training

Are you aiming to scale a mountain, master your next triathlon or climb the stairs without getting out of breath? Then training in our versatile endurance area is just the thing for you. 

Cardio or endurance training aims to make your cardiovascular system more efficient and your muscles more resistant to fatigue. The greater your endurance, the longer the distances you can cover, the longer you can keep going with cardiovascular training and the fitter you feel overall in everyday life. Cardio training also has a positive impact on blood sugar and blood fat levels. This is why it is a fundamental pillar in the prevention of lifestyle diseases such as cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.
An additional benefit of cardio training is the targeted increase in daily energy consumption, as your body burns more calories.

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Endurance equipment and classes

You can train your endurance in a range of different ways with us. You have the latest training equipment from the Matrix brand at your disposal, with its dynamic performance, state-of-the-art functionality and up-to-date training programmes. At the same time, we offer you the opportunity to improve your endurance with the help of our wide range of classes. Many of the classes in the “Cardio” category focus on optimising your endurance.

Do you want to reach – and maintain – a new level?

The great thing about cardio training is that you quickly feel the initial results. In order to maintain and improve this, however, it’s vital to focus your cardio training on the long term, as the resulting positive effects will decline if you stop training.
We recommend making cardio training an integral part of your life – on a regular and sustainable basis:

Regular means establishing a routine for your training. It’s hugely important to make sure you also allow yourself breaks between training sessions. Training for too long or too often also has an impact on training success, as regeneration time is too short.

Sustainable means taking a long-term and progressive approach to planning your training. By “progressive”, we mean increasing the intensity and duration of your training over the medium term. Training consistently at the same level or for the same length of time means that you will soon stop seeing any more progress in your training.

So pay attention to the following points in your cardio training:

Quality over quantity

Ensure variety: different machines, different intensity levels

The right dosage of intensity and frequency

Regular increase in duration/weight

Documentation of training progress

Regular check-up training with our trainers for setting new goals

Introductory and check-up training

At your first training session, we’ll ask you about your state of health and record your current training status, as well as your personal goals and wishes. We’ll create an individual and detailed training plan for you on this basis. After a detailed introduction, we’ll be happy to support you at regular intervals in your training process if needed. We’ll be happy to discuss your training progress and optimise your training on an ongoing basis so you can achieve the best possible goals.

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