Our support concept

ACTIV FITNESS works with a training concept that was realized together with the Fitnessparks. Optimal training plans are developed for each member, with the goal of achieving the greatest possible effectiveness and efficiency, while taking individual circumstances into account. Our training concept is made up of the four blocks of preparation, muscle training, cardiovascular training and cool-down.

“Stay on the ball” is the motto for every single training session – and for our training concept as a whole. And this is why the concept is always based on the latest findings from training theory and sports science. In terms of practical implementation, the concept is oriented towards the individual goals of each member. We never lose sight of the fact that training should be challenging, but, above all, fun.

Handstand at the functional zone Activ Fitness

Our support concept simply explained:

1. Introduction training I

In your first guided training session, we establish your current health status and discuss your fitness goals. Together, we will then draw up a personalized training program and start with the first exercises.   

Tip: Ideally, plan your fitness trainingon fixed training days. That way, training will become a habit. If you stick to it, you‘ll achieve your goals quicker.

2. Introduction training II

You will undertake an endurance test to determine your physical condition. We will discuss endurance training and show you different ways to improve your endurance performance further. We will also round off your training program with additional exercises.

Tip: Add variety to your training program with a group fitness class. After all, sport is more fun in a group and it motivates you to work out.

3. Follow up training

After ten independently completed training sessions, we accompany you again to make sure that you are doing the exercises correctly. If necessary, we will adjust your training plan.

Tip: Increase your training intensity by steadily increasing the weights you use during each exercise. This stimulates your muscles even more.

4. New training plan

It’s time to stimulate your body in a new way. Together, we will create a tailored training program combining new exercises and different levels of intensity. We will also conduct another endurance test to measure the progress that you have made this far.

Tip: Change your training habits. Try out different new intensity techniques to newly challenge your body. Our coaches will be more than happy to show you how.

5. Support

Do you have any questions about your individual training plan? Do you need help during training? We always offer personal professional advice and support. We will gladly discuss any questions you may have.

Tip: Analyze your training progress in our app. Logging each training session gives you a good overview of your progress. This makes it easier to determine your current fitness level.

If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you in your ACTIV FITNESS studio. We wish you a lot of fun while training!