House rules

To make sure we all feel comfortable

General rules
  • Every member must behave in a respectful manner towards other members, the staff and the infrastructure
  • You must wear clean training clothes
  • You must wear clean closed-toe sport shoes (not shoes that you wear outside)
  • You must always train with a towel
  • People with strong body odour must shower before training
  • Eating and drinking is only allowed at the tables – this does not apply to water bottles
  • Children are not permitted to access the training room or the changing rooms, even when accompanied by an adult
  • All clothes, shoes, bags, keys, etc. must be stored in the changing rooms. Please always lock all personal effects and valuable possessions in the lockers (risk of theft)
  • Entry is not permitted without a member’s ID or a chip bracelet. Should you lose one of these, a replacement will cost CHF 20
  • Using your mobile phone to make calls, take photos or record videos is forbidden in the entire studio
  • Shaving, body peels, nail care and intimate hygiene are not permitted throughout the entire studio
Training area
  • Please change out of really sweaty t-shirts
  • Always place a towel on the seat or back cushion
  • Training instructions may only be provided by ACTIV FITNESS trainers. Personal training sessions held by other members are also not permitted
  • Once you have finished an exercise, please free up the equipment for others to use. Please do not take breaks on the equipment
  • No admittance once the class has started
  • Shoes with cushioned support are recommended
  • Do not wear any outdoors sports shoes with black soles
  • A towel is mandatory, particularly for floor exercises
  • Drinks are only allowed in water bottles or PET bottles
  • No food (or chewing gum)
  • The number of participants is limited
Sauna, steam bath and rest area (nude zone)
  • The binding sauna and steam bath rules that are hung up in the entrance area to each wellness zone must be observed.
Children’s area
  • The binding children’s area rules that are hung up in the entrance area must be observed.