House rules

To make sure we all feel comfortable

General questions
  • Every member must behave in a respectful manner towards other members, the staff and the infrastructure
  • Instructions from staff must be followed
  • Indecent behaviour is prohibited
  • Clean training clothing and clean, closed sports shoes (no street shoes or shoes with black soles) must be worn
  • You must always train with a towel
  • People with strong body odour must shower before training
  • Eating and drinking is only allowed at the tables – this does not apply to water bottles
  • Children are not permitted to access the workout area or the changing rooms, even when accompanied by an adult
  • All clothes, shoes, bags, keys, etc. must be stored in the changing rooms. Please always lock all personal effects and valuable possessions in the lockers (risk of theft). We assume no liability for lost valuables
  • No entry without a chip bracelet – if lost, a new chip bracelet must be acquired for CHF 10.00
  • When using a smartphone or other smart device, the privacy of exercisers must not be disturbed. You must be aware of your smartphone’s volume when it is in use to ensure no other members are disturbed
  • Photographing and filming other people is prohibited in the entire facility as this would violate others’ personal rights
  • Devices with cameras are prohibited in the nude zone
  • Shaving, body peels, nail care and intimate hygiene are not permitted anywhere in the gym
  • A charge of CHF 100.00 applies if a borrowed heart rate monitor is lost
  • If leaving ACTIV FITNESS facilities after closing time and passing through the turnstile too late, an administrative fee of CHF 10.00 is due
Workout area
  • You must be aware of your own safety and that of other exercisers when training.
  • Please change out of very sweaty t-shirts
  • Always place a towel on the seat or back cushion
  • Once you have finished an exercise, please free up the equipment for others to use. Please do not take breaks on the equipment
  • At peak times, do not use the same piece of equipment for any longer than 40 min.
  • Equipment must be cleaned after each use
  • Additional weights and other training items must be put back in their designated area after use
  • Allowing weights and training equipment to drop to the ground is not permitted
  • No admittance once the class has started
  • Shoes with cushioned support are recommended
  • A towel is mandatory, particularly for floor exercises
  • Drinks are only allowed in water bottles or PET bottles
  • No food (or chewing gum)
  • The number of participants is limited
Wellness area and quiet zone (nude area)
  • A full body shower is mandatory before using the wellness areas
  • Please take a large towel with you into the sauna (big enough to span from your feet to head)
  • The seats in the steam bath are to be cleaned with the hose after use
  • The lying areas of solariums and light therapy devices must be cleaned after use with the cleaning agents provided
  • The use of body and hair wraps and other cosmetic treatments is prohibited
  • Please wear a towel around your private area as a minimum outside of the saunas and steam baths
  • Loud conversations are to be avoided
  • The use of your own (herbal) infusions is prohibited due to the risk of fire
  • No (herbal) infusions are permitted in the biosauna
  • Please do not use the sauna when suffering from a cold or acute inflammation
  • Each wellness area closes before closing time. Information on closing times can be obtained from the facility in question
  • Additionally binding sauna and steam bath rules that are hung up in the entrance area to each wellness zone must be observed
Children’s area
  • Access to our children’s area is limited to the parents and guardians of the children present
  • Use of the children’s area is at the children’s own risk
  • Children up to their 9th birthday are welcome
    (Exception Studios Martigny, Sion Gare, Sierre: There from 4 months up to 8th birthday. The reason for this is the cantonal legislation).
  • We do not take care of the children of non-legal guardians
  • You must not leave the gym while your child is still in the children’s area
  • Children cannot accompany their guardians into the changing rooms or training space
  • Children should be given something to drink and a snack (please no sweets or sweet drinks)
  • Our childcare staff are not responsible for changing infants’ nappies
  • We cannot accept children who are ill
  • Our childcare staff must be informed of your child’s allergies
  • Children must be collected from the children’s area no later than 5 minutes before it closes
  • The opening times of the children’s area in each gym must be observed
  • Additionally binding children’s area rules that are hung up in the entrance area of each children’s area must be observed

Special notices on using the play tower (where present) 

  • Climbing and walking around on the slide is prohibited
  • The buckets and chain must not be taken on the slide
  • Children must go down the slide in a seated position
  • No toys or boxes may be taken into the ball pool
  • Jumping into the ball pool from the steps or other objects is not allowed
  • Leaning over the railing is strictly prohibited