Strength training

Whatever your goal – muscle building, strengthening your back, a six-pack or powerful legs – our strength training area offers everything you need to reach your goal.

The aim of strength training is to strengthen the muscles of the body. Strong muscles make you more resistant to fatigue and help keep your bones strong. Done correctly, strength training is also an extremely efficient method of increasing your mobility and correcting muscular imbalances. In addition, regular strength training increases daily energy consumption through an increased basal metabolic rate. In concrete terms, this means that more muscle burns more calories.

At ACTIV FITNESS, we offer you the latest strength equipment, plate-loaded machines, pulley systems and dumb-bells. You can benefit additionally from a range of classes that focus on functional whole-body strengthening.

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Strength equipment

The strength equipment from Cybex is provided by Life Fitness. Cybex machines are characterised by their innovative design and biomechanically correct construction. The scientific basis for the development of the training equipment comes from Cybex’s own research centre, which is a leader in the fitness industry.

Free weights and plate-loaded machines

The equipment provided in the plate-loaded and free-weight area comes from the global brand Hammer Strength. Hammer Strength’s robust, performance-oriented strength machines and weights are known for their durability and are able to withstand the most intense workouts.

Do you want to reach – and maintain – a new level?

Take a long-term approach to your strength training because the resulting positive effects will decline if you stop. We recommend making strength training an integral part of your life – on a regular and sustainable basis:

Sustainable means planning your training over the long term and training with increasing intensity, as this is the only way to make sure your muscles can grow and increase in strength.

Regular means establishing a routine for your training. It’s hugely important to make sure you also allow yourself breaks between training sessions. Training for too long or too often also has an impact on training success, as regeneration time is too short.

So pay attention to the following points in your strength training:

Quality over quantity

The right dosage of intensity and frequency

Anatomically correct exercises

Full movement radius

Slow and controlled movements

Training until local muscle exhaustion

Regular increase in duration/weight

Documentation of training progress

Regular check-up training with our trainers for setting new goals

Introductory and check-up training

At your first training session, we’ll ask you about your state of health and record your current training status, as well as your personal goals and wishes. We’ll create an individual and detailed training plan for you on this basis. After a detailed introduction, we’ll be happy to support you at regular intervals in your training process if needed. We’ll be happy to discuss your training progress and optimise your training on an ongoing basis so you can achieve the best possible goals.

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