FitFact: The 3 best playlists for your next visit to the gym

Nznznz, biceps workout or pure excitement: what would you like to see? Today we present you with three playlists that will make you sweat on high intensity beats – or because the tension is almost immeasurable. And don’t worry: we deliberately left out the Christmas hits 😉 :

3) Gangsta’s Paradise


Are you a bit of a gangster or do you like to be “tough” and “cool”? So check out ’90’s Hip Hop Mix #06′, because here you’ll find authentic old school rap produced by great musicians. As a nice side effect, the songs also work the neck muscles and biceps with the many hip hop moves. With this playlist, you will definitely be the ‘Don’ of the gym, yes!

2) Sweating through audio thrillers


Do you like thrills, suspense and dark secrets? Do you like to immerse yourself in foreign worlds? Then Audible is for you with its suspenseful audiobooks, even during training! But don’t forget the (scary) sweat training, because thrillers like “Auris” always leave you breathless!

1) EDM for maximum power


With this playlist, you don’t push buttons, you push your limits! And you better mentally give up with the beat – because you shouldn’t have to give up the weights to get healthy feet 😉 “Crazy EDM Workout Shit” is the playlist on Spotify, where no blahblahbla is allowed, only maximum power!