FitFact: The 3 strangest things found in our lost and found

Did you think we only forget sweaty shirts, shoes, and shower products at home? Nothing could be more wrong! Our treasure chest contains far more exciting, frightening and fascinating secrets. We take you on an adventurous journey into the hidden depths of our treasury:

3) “Psychotic” miracle drink?

Image: Fitnesspark Glattpark

“Extreme Concentration,” “Hardcore Booster,” “Supports Cognitive Performance”: Keywords associated with Insane Labz products make the powder found at Fitnesspark Glattpark sound like a magic potion that grants almost any (fitness) wish. Really “crazy,” if the show lives up to its promises! But we don’t hope that this powder will really drive you crazy – and if it did, it would just be crazy for fitness 😉

2) Have a snack in the sauna?

Image: ACTIV Fitness Zurich Bellevue

Sports make people hungry, so much so that a Bellevue member brought a frying pan to the studio. Perhaps the need for protein was so strong that our member took the pan with him to make scrambled eggs after training during a well-deserved trip to the sauna? But don’t do it, because it is not healthy to eat heavily during the sauna. Also, it is preferable that you do not use our sauna for cooking interludes 😉

1) Toys for adults

Image: ACTIV Fitness GenevaMaunoir

At ACTIV FITNESS Maunoir, our members seem to have realised that the second best pastime in the world (just AFTER fitness) is time spent together. With the “toy” they have found, lovers can spoil each other, even remotely, thanks to the corresponding remote control. Too bad this toy was never recovered by its owner 😉

Actually, we found more “toys” in the facilities. However, if we list others of these lost and found items, it is possible that our lost and found classification will be considered adult only by your account. 😉 After so many strange, unexpected and captivating things, in the next issue we will give our stomachs a rest after all the commotion. Because this way you will get serious advice on the three best protein bars that will help you build muscle. Just in time now that the fitness season starts in autumn.