FitFact: The top 3 destinations for fitness fans

Welcome to our first edition of “FitFact”, our top 3 ranking on everything that keeps the fitness and sports world busy. With our hit lists, you can experience real “aha” moments, use the top 3 as an icebreaker for any conversation, or really show off your fitness knowledge.

Let’s start with destination tips for true fitness enthusiasts:

You’re just back from vacation? Somehow you feel guilty because you’ve feasted too much and done just a tiny little bit too little for your fitness? Then put the following three destinations on your vacation list, because here you can really let off steam as a fitness freak:

 3.) Futuristic training in Belgrade: workout with a view of the Danube


No UFO landed here, but one of the most modern gyms in Serbia was created. In the heart of Belgrade, right on the banks of the Danube, is SkyWellness: the studio, which advertises itself as the “most innovative gym in Serbia,” also amazes from the inside with its unique appearance. Because here, it feels like we are training in the future. During a city trip to the Serbian capital, this gym is definitely part of the sightseeing:

2) Yoga in India: strength from within in foreign cultures


Follow in the footsteps of the extraordinary fitness discipline of yoga, which has now made it into countless gyms around the world, on a journey through India. Here you will meet the philosophical teaching, which is to bring body, mind and soul in harmony, at every corner. Accordingly, many retreats are offered. Embark on a journey through this fascinating culture, expand your (fitness) horizons and strengthen your body & at the same time:

1) Muscle Beach L.A.: Mucki Building on the Beach


An absolute must for every fitness fan is a visit to the world-famous Muscle Beach in Los Angeles, the cradle of fitness sports. In the 1930s, the first stunt people from Hollywood prepared here for their spectacular film assignments. Whether in indoor or outdoor gyms, you’ll instantly work off any burger, no matter how delicious, at both Muscle Beaches in Santa Monica and Venice Beach!

Of course, for us, Switzerland is the real top destination for fitness enthusiasts. This is not only because of our 116 ACTIV gyms and 16 fitness parks, but also because of the incomparable nature. So in the next FitFact blog post, you’ll learn more about the top 3 hiking trails in Switzerland that will get your legs and booty in shape. Perfect to start the hiking season after the vacations!