Renovations and equipment upgrades in many gyms

Functionalbereich im ACTIV FITNESS Studio Renens

Spring clean? We’ve gone for a summer clean this year at ACTIV FITNESS, replacing old equipment in many of our gyms and making sure all of our gyms are bang up-to-date.

In some locations, we have already installed the newest generation of equipment from Cybex, Matrix and Life Fitness under the brand Hammer Strength, and they will soon be ready to use. Where space allows, we are also installing functional zones with prominent red towers – a real eye-catcher for the ACTIV FITNESS gyms.

As well as upgrading many pieces of equipment, we are also renovating some of our gyms. This will take place over the next weeks and months.

After many years of the same equipment, ACTIV FITNESS would like to provide a real highlight for its members, bringing in the most up-to-date equipment to enable modern strength and endurance training based on the latest scientific findings.