FitFact: Top 3 tips for getting out of the home office and into the gym

Is your head smoking, your legs shaking restlessly, and do you want nothing more than to exercise? So pay attention, because we’re going to give you three secret tips for secretly going from the home office to the gym-but don’t tell anyone, just between us 😉

3) Clothes make the man (based loosely on Gottfried Keller)


If you receive an unannounced video call, it is best not to sit in front of the weight bench wearing a bib or sports bra. Our advice: bring your tie or office blouse to the gym and tuck a pen behind your ear. Then change the background to an image of your home – et voila. Sweat on the smartphone camera lens provides the necessary blurring so that there are no critical investigations 😉

2) Know your Pappenheimer (based loosely on Friedrich Schiller).


Do you prefer it classic, analog, without too much technical wizardry? Then we have the ultimate advice for you: build yourself a life-size cardboard figure and have it sit at your desk while you secretly go to the gym. Don’t forget to put a rope in the gymnasium, pull it from time to time to make your cardboard move. Above all, one figure from the waist up is sufficient. After all, in real life you are sitting at your desk in the video session in shorts–aren’t you?

1) Why leave the one? (freely adapted from ACTIV FITNESS / Fitnesspark)


Do you already know High Interval Intensity Training, HIIT for short? With this system you train endurance, power, heart and muscles. In crisp, short intervals, you’ll alternate between high intensity (gym) and low intensity (desk). So just zip back and forth, because with the densest studio network in Switzerland and well over 130 facilities in the Swiss Fit network, you’ll find a gym even around your house corner. You can even do this if you’re still at the office late at night, because most facilities are open until 10 pm. Attention, ready, …