FitFact: The 3 best protein bars for muscle building

Stomach grumbling even before training? Do you have trouble building muscle sustainably? Or are you simply looking for a healthy snack to have between meals that also stimulates muscle building? So take our three recommendations to heart, with the warmest recommendations from our ranks:

3)  Dynamtize Elite Layer Bar


This bar comes in different flavors and is divided into two energy bites. It is low in sugar and, with 24 grams of protein, provides sufficient building material for muscles after a hard workout. A small deduction is made for the relatively low fiber content, which is important for satiety and digestion.

2) 33% ProteinPlus of Powerbar


This well-known classic also offers as much as 30 grams of protein per serving, from whey, casein and soy proteins. At 351 kilocalories per bar, the energy content is a bit higher, and the 22 grams of sugar is also not low. As a snack, the bar is therefore only suitable to a limited extent in a dieting or definition phase, but all the more so if you want to get wider and “bigger”.You can find this bar not only at Migros, but also directly in our studio in the drinks and snacks vending machine.

1) Protein 50 of Sponser


This bar is more or less the “man of honor” among muscle-building snacks. Five different protein sources ensure good satiety and a long-lasting supply for muscles. One bar provides 35 grams of protein and thus replaces even a shake. With only 2 grams of usable residual sugar, it is particularly suitable for the definition and muscle building phase.

Beware of sugar
Of course, many other high-quality protein bars exist. If you have any questions, our team in the studio will be happy to advise you. Caution: always pay attention to the sugar content, as many protein bars have such a high sugar content that they are not much different from regular sweets in this respect.

It is not only the stomach that wants to be pampered with delicious snacks. No, your ears also deserve to be heard with the right music during your workout. Next time we will give you suggestions for playlists that will make you lift FULL TUBE weights or dive into other worlds.