FitFact: the 3 most absurd myths about fitness

Myths, legends, misconceptions: in few areas of life do misconceptions persist as stubbornly as in fitness. Passed down from generation to generation and skillfully used by numerous product manufacturers, myths are transformed into established attitudes and (life) behaviors. Some of these myths, however, are so absurd that we wonder how we came to believe them. Or did you think that a six-pack could only be achieved with abs?

3) Targeted fat burning

Sorry to disappoint you: doing a million crunches a day will not help you get a six-pack* if you have more fat all over your body. While targeted exercises help shape specific parts of the body, a defined body requires attention to healthy eating, as well as regular, targeted strength and endurance training.


*By the way, for everyone who wants a six-pack (not beer!). Interest: getting a sculpted belly is one of the most difficult fitness challenges ever. To achieve this goal, for example, body fat percentage, nutrition, holistic (not selective) training, and consistency play an important role. Added to this is genetics: many of us are more prone to accumulate fat in the abdominal area, which obviously makes it more difficult to get visible abs. Fortunately, a six-pack is no longer the non-plus-ultra to be considered fit – hallelujah :)!

2) Sweating: more is better

Do you think that the more you sweat, the more effective the training is? Unfortunately, no. It is true that sweating is a natural process that helps regulate body temperature. By sweating, therefore, the skin prevents the body from overheating. However, sweating is not a reliable indicator of training intensity. Some people sweat more than others simply because they genetically have more sweat glands than others. So the amount of sweat has nothing to do with the actual quality* of training.


*But if you exercise regularly, your body learns to regulate temperature more quickly and efficiently. Therefore, at identical levels of exertion, athletic people sweat faster and more than untrained people. While sports people can only produce about 800 ml of sweat per hour, athletes can produce up to three liters!

1) Shake it away

The infamous devices that promise to melt fat on certain parts of the body through vibrating movements quickly become viral sensations, again and again. It’s nice when all you have to do is hold the shake weights or tie them around your belly. But shake off this myth now, because these things not only sound ridiculous, but their benefits are also devoid of any scientific basis.


If you really want beautifully sculpted arms or a flat stomach, you better stick to the classics at the gym! This not only looks cooler, but has been proven to work better 😉

We hope to have shaken you up – and not shaken you too much – by explaining these myths 😉 It’s important that you always critically question fitness tips and equipment and keep yourself well informed. Our professional trainers on site will be happy to help you debunk one or two fitness myths!

In the next FitFact we’ll make you laugh with the funniest fitness fails (hopefully), we’re looking forward to it!