FitFact: The top 3 most fitness intensive jobs in the world

You think you have a stressful job? Then take a look at how these ladies and gentlemen earn their daily bread – and how sweaty their jobs are! We are mightily impressed:

3) Underwater lumberjack


You’ve never heard of the underwater lumberjack job, and somehow it sounds too incredible to be true? Far from it, because in the Panama Canal (that is, under water!). trees are “felled”, whose rare wood is processed into high-quality luxury furniture. In addition to good stamina, staying power and strength in their arms to operate the hydraulically powered saws, underwater loggers must also be good swimmers. Wow!

2) Sherpa on Mount Kinabalu


The Sherpas who work on Mount Kinabalu in Borneo are not easily outdone in terms of fitness: the workers transport food, drinks and household goods up to the hut where tourists spend the night before they climb the last meters of the 4095-meter-high mountain. From the starting point at 1866 m.a.s.l. to the hut, which is located at 3300 m.a.s.l., the Sherpas master about 1434 meters of altitude on steep and demanding paths, and that partly twice a day – up AND down! Do you want to climb the highest mountain in Malaysia too?

3) Firefighters


Almost unbearable heat, heavy equipment, sweaty adrenaline: firefighters perform a physically highly demanding job that requires stamina and strength to save people (and themselves) from the flames in an emergency. Nevertheless, they have to keep a cool head. The fascination “Firefighter” offers not for nothing the template for numerous films and series. And thanks to their fitness level, firefighters in particular are also hotly sought after as calendar models, as the example of the Australian Firefighters proves 😉