FitFact: The top 3 spices that add that special something to your fitness diet

Numerous spices not only provide flavor, but also stimulate digestion or fat burning, reduce ravenous appetite or briefly increase your body temperature. We will now explain which spices you should definitely have in your Chuchichäschtli:

1) On the pepper, ready – go!


Various studies show a supportive effect of black pepper in weight loss. The alkaline active ingredient piperine is said to inhibit fat cells, among other things. Studies also show an anti-inflammatory, fat-lowering and insulin-improving effect – a “hat trick” for your training. Again, without adjusting diet and lifestyle habits, miracles by no means happen. Still, it can be worth it to train for a while where the pepper grows. Your trainer will be happy to advise you.

2) Lose weight with Christmas cookies?


Cinnamon is known as a natural fat burner and is actually popularly prescribed by naturopathic doctors for diabetes. So lose weight with cinnamon cookies? No, sorry: It’s not quite that dreamlike after all. Although it seems that the active ingredient from the bark oil can really improve insulin action and reduce cravings. However, the right dosage and quality are important. In cheap cinnamon and in the wrong dosages, the active ingredient coumarin can even have a toxic effect. And who wants to end up in an emergency after eating Christmas-associated cinnamon cookies?

3) Booster in double pack


Ginger briefly increases body temperature (in German) and heart rate, which should help you burn body fat more easily. This effect of the pungent compound gingerol has been demonstrated in vitro, but relevant evidence is lacking in humans. Even more, ginger can favor testosterone production, suggesting a positive effect on workouts and the body’s fat-to-muscle ratio. So it makes sense to integrate “Zingiber officinale” into your diet, not just for a day or two, but for ginger… uh, forever.

Spicy choice for your fitness chuchichäschtli, right? The Migros iMpuls article (in German) tells you how to store your spices correctly. Speaking of hot….the summer is approaching, and with it the season of hot bikinis, beach bodysuits and bathing suits. In the next FitFact, we’ll give you tips on where and how to show off your shredded body.