FitFact: The favourite excercises of the Easter bunny

Easter is the better holiday: Everyone can be born, but resurrection – only the fewest manage! That’s why we’re dedicating this FitFact to the Easter bunny and his compact training plan, which he had put together in our gym.

Even if he only works five days a year, or exactly because of that, he needs a super efficient workout. After all, the Easter bunny has to deliver on these days and hide Easter eggs in all gardens and homes. This constant hopping around is of course very hard on the legs and endurance, so even the best Duracell bunny needs a targeted workout!

1) Box Jumps for explosive bounce

To make sure there’s enough for all the hiding places on Easter Sunday, the Easter bunny needs some quick explosive power in his hind legs. After all, within a very short time he has to run everywhere, stop, hide eggs, put on his backpack, start running again and continue! To train explosive power, any exercise will do😉. Among his favourite exercises are definitely the box jumps, because they can be varied freely and use different muscle groups and movement sequences. Alternatively, if you want to emulate the Easter bunny, you can make bunny hops.


2) Squats with weight

Easter egg hunt also includes the careful laying of the egg. Anyone who has ever helped moving knows that the careful placement of fragile items can go very quickly in the back 😉. Easter is actually one big parade of eggs into Easter nests for the Easter bunny. That is why the rabbit relies on squats with weights, because the squats strengthen the core and legs. With so much care, no Easter egg will break – and you can search for Easter eggs after the indulgent Easter brunch (good luck!).


3) Shuttle run with Stop’n’Go

Either in the sports test in the military or in the sports club: Every one of us knows it, the fearsome pendulum run. Running back-and-forth on a straight path to a beep. As time progresses, the beep becomes faster and participants in the pendulum race chase the sound until the last person loses “to the sound.” The Olympus of the endurance test for us is f his daily bread or carrot for the Easter bunny 😉. He invented the Stop&Go and lasts several days of commuting.


Watch out for Easter feasting – don’t eat too much or upset your stomach. Because you don’t want to experience certain noises or situations in the gym. Next time, we’ll give you tips on how to avoid, hide or elegantly conceal embarrassment in the gym.