FitFact: The top 3 hiking tours for strong legs and a sexy booty

The summer vacations are over, the hiking season is just around the corner: Here are the top 3 hiking tours that, similar to our Stairmasters and leg presses, provide really strong legs and even raise your basic endurance to a new level.

 3.) 1000-er Stägeli: Olten – Aarburg (1000er-Stägli) – Born


You will cover about 600 meters in altitude on this hike. Zig-zag paths train your thighs in 360° mode. But the literally breathtaking highlight on this tour is the famous 1000er-Stägeli, which challenges you in Aarburg: 1150 natural steps over a height of 244 meters on half a kilometer, which corresponds to about 47 percent incline. A high intensity workout for hamstrings and glutes. Sore muscles guaranteed!

2) Lake panorama view: Lachen – St. Meinrad – Etzel Kulm

Image: Katja Birrer /

Again and again steep and rough passages offer this varied hike in the Zürisee region. From Lachen to the Etzel Pass, the nearly 600 meters in altitude will make your lower body burn, but the effort is not only worth it in the long run in terms of your tight butt: the panoramic view on the Etzel of Lake Zurich, Lake Obersee, Lake Greifen, Lake Pfäffiker and Lake Sihl is incomparable.

1) Intragna – Monte di Comino (Centovalli)


In the barren Ticino mountains you have to overcome more than 1000 meters of altitude in less than four hours – nothing for weaklings, but everything for you if you want to get your legs and butt really in shape! Countless stone stairs, some even carved into the rock, offer an adventurous hiking experience. On the sunny slopes of the Centovalli you will also work up a sweat. Thanks to all the calories you burn, you can feast on a pizza with pleasure!