FitFact: The top 3 pelvic floor exercises for more feeling during sex

The second most beautiful pastime in the world (right after fitness!) is depending on the intensity level also quite an athletic discipline 😉 To the act of love also includes the use of the pelvic floor – and this applies to women AND men! However, it is not easy to sense this and to target it specifically. How you can do this and how you can train not only endurance but also your pelvic floor, which provides even more intensity and feeling during sexual intercourse, we tell you now:

1) Do you have one on your marble?


The pelvic floor is commonly considered the powerhouse or “love muscle” of the body. For men, a strong pelvic floor promotes potency; for women, the interplay of tension and relaxation in the abdomen increases pleasure. You can train this interplay unnoticed but effectively, for example, with the seated exercise “Grasping a marble”, in which you imagine grabbing a marble with your contracting sit bones and lifting it against your belly button. You can intensify these exercises in many of our studios with a vibrating Power Plate. Tip: Perform the exercise nice and slowly and intensively. The perfect song for this is provided by Kylie Minogue:

2) Hip Thrust – up the hips


For men and women equally interesting is certainly the Hip Thrust. In this exercise, the execution of which is a very “classic” movement of sex, you train not only the pelvic floor, but also at the same time the buttocks, leg muscles and back extensor. If the machine in the gym is not free at the moment, you can also perform the Hip Thrust lying on the floor with the barbell. But take good care not to try to lift too much weight during the exercise – after all, you don’t want to spoil your next favorite love moment with an unromantic lumbago!

3) Kettlebell Swing


Hips back and forth, up and down – and exhale and inhale at the same time. Sounds ideal to perfectly prepare for the matter, for the (pre)game and for the moment. The Kettlebell Swing is truly a master in holistic preparation for the horizontal event. If you also strap on your headphones for this exercise, turn the music up to full volume and listen to “Sexbomb” by Tom Jones, then this is not only music for your ears – but also an acoustic aphrodisiac to get you in the mood for the next act!

Tips 4,5,6,7…we could go on indefinitely because the topic is so important 😉

Sex is proven to be a good thing because it makes you healthy, happy and relaxed. Fitness also makes you happy, contributes significantly to your health and reduces stress levels. So both combined is quasi WOW – and therefore we would have many more tips for you, as you with fitness (the most beautiful secondary thing in the world!) optimize your love life. Because HIIT workouts, pelvic lifts, yoga and Pilates, and even biceps and triceps exercises also improve a holistic “power transfer” in the world’s second most beautiful pastime.

It’s a well-known fact that so much (bedtime) sport makes you mighty hungry. In our next FitFact issue, we’ll tell you which three spices don’t primarily have an aphrodisiac effect, but should be part of your fitness diet!