FitFact: The top 3 ways to mask awkward situations and noises in the studio

A strained exhale on the leg extension, a short breath in-and-out in the Functional Zone and a silent count of the reps on the Squatrack and then… KAWUMMS! A barbell falling to the floor. All eyes from the squat rack to the leg press are on you. What now?!? Unpleasant situations and noises in the gym are a dime a dozen, even if we don’t always notice them through our headphones. But sometimes it happens and then we are glad if we can conceal the situation without attracting attention. We create remedy and give you tips and tricks for the discreet cover-up of small embarrassments 😉.

1) Go train during the Zumba course


It is early in the morning. The studio opened its doors just an hour ago and the first people are already engrossed in their workout. With focused eyes, they count their repetitions of hammer curls in front of the mirrored wall, their temple headphones tightly clutching their snapbacks. Then he mirror begins to vibrate, the ground feels like it’s about to collapse beneath them, and Don Omar and Pitbull resound from the distance. It’s Zumba at 09:00 at ACTIV FITNESS! You are clumsy? Then go workout during this time, because during Zumba lessons you can let off steam, because no one will hear your noisy faux-pas when Bad Bunny dashes to the eardrums 😉 *

Ps.: Don’t worry – our classes don’t resound at full volume throughout the studio. But you feel the ambience and the power of Zumba always and everywhere!

2) Try gestures and facial expressions


Even though studio time means “me-time” for most of us, a certain amount of forced interaction is part of it. Because how else can you make sure how many sets a person has left on the butterfly machine? Unfortunately, every interaction also offers potential for embarrassment. To avoid a muddled conversation about the availability of the weight plates, a universal sign language has developed over the years in all gyms around the world, which every person knows after some time in the gym 😉.

3) Do not even try 😉


Even after years in fitness, there are machines and exercises you don’t dare to do. Too great is the worry of embarrassing yourself when you desperately try to do the exercise with difficulty. You could sink into the ground just thinking about the Glute Builder: where do you strap in? How many plates are realistic and how do you get out of that hack squat machine without looking like a dork? Quite simply, do not even try!

No nonsense, of course that is not true! We want to do our part for your health, among other things by helping you to jump over your shadow. Take heart, contact the reception of your studio and ask our competent trainers for advice 😉.

Making bigdecisions is a matter of the heart for us at ACTIV FITNESS – in health as well as in love 😉 May is just around the corner and spring fever is spreading. With butterflies in your stomach and rose-colored glasses on, you can look forward to the next FitFact!