FitFact: The Top3 fitness date ideas so you don’t have to go to the movies or restaurant again

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. The day after tomorrow, restaurants and cinemas in Switzerland will be filled with couples and friends celebrating their relationships on the Day of Love. Do you make reservations for the same table at your favorite restaurant every year, or do you drag your Valentine’s dates to the same hip bar around the corner?

We’re remedying the passionless monotony: with our top 3 fitness date ideas, your Valentine’s Day will never be the same, and you and your loved one will get to enjoy something new every year.

1) Vita Parcours for two


It’s cold in February, but the time together and the incentive to impress your Valentine’s date with a new best time really heat up your mind. Whether it’s a warm-up, a full sprint or a pull-up, you’re sure to work up a sweat on the Vita course in the woods. Where else can you get to know each other better than on a wooden bar in a romantic setting in the forest? 😉 Dress for the weather and pick one of the over 500 Vita courses:

2) Romantic snow sports picnic


Grab your backpack with two thermos flasks, warm snacks in thermos boxes and put on thermal underwear, the mountain is calling! With a Migros sack filled with thick blankets under each arm, you walk up the nearest hill or mountain and have your winter picnic there Alternatively, you use a sled to simply pull your luggage up the mountain and then ride down together, tightly embraced, after the picnic.

3) Winter swimming for summer feelings


Already last season it was a hot trend in the cities – the cold bath. At 5 degrees in the water you overcome yourselves and dare together the jump into the cold water. In addition, there are health benefits: improved blood circulation, more resistant immune system and stimulated metabolism. So: grab your date or your friends and create moments together in the icy cold water.

Although a number of top athletes swear by the positive effects of cold swimming and its breathing techniques, these have not yet all been scientifically proven. Our next FitFact is all about half-truths and superstition in fitness, because enlightenment is a matter close to our hearts 😉.