FitFact: Top 3 New Year’s excuses why I won’t keep my resolutions this year either

New year, new resolutions, new happiness: not at all! Whether it is lack of time, alcohol, or an artificial lifestyle attitude, a culprit can always be found. Today we will give you three tips on what excuses will prevent you from keeping your good resolutions.

3) Fake it till you make it!


You don’t even know what the problem is: after all, you already do enough fitness. Or at least that’s what you pass off with your athleisure attire, your fake Insta posts, and the healthy salads you tuck between your burger and pizza as a snack. Your feint will be perfect when your cell phone rings and the song “Call on Me” sounds like your anthem:

2) I was too drunk


You were too drunk when you blurted out your resolutions in a rush of celebratory euphoria, posted them on all your social media channels and immortalized them in your journal. But you didn’t really mean it, because you prefer to live for the day. Then this excuse fits perfectly, like a hangover! But remember: children and drunks always tell the truth, as Reinhard Mey has already noted:

1) Bare Necessities


Baloo’s song from The Jungle Book is your philosophy of life and runs in your head on a continuous loop. Your “gentle doing nothing” does not fit the resolutions of ambition at all &. Finally, because you cannot act against your values and principles, the New Year’s resolutions you made were more of a mind game and therefore hypothetical in nature.

But let’s be honest: why keep making excuses for good intentions? Why continue to put it off and let it happen again, in the spirit of “and every year the groundhog says hello”? It would be much nicer to get past the bastard and be told: “I am the king of the world!”

Next time we will introduce you to our 3 main wellness areas at ACTIV FITNESS and fitness parks. Maybe they will help you give your pig a little kick 😉 .