FitFact: The 3 best fitness exercises with kids

Even after a 10-hour day on the slopes, are your children still full of energy (unlike you 😉 )? Do you want to exercise, but your children won’t give you 10 minutes of “me time”? Or are you babysitting children who have merged with their smartphones to become cyborgs and whose fingers are the only trained muscles in their bodies? That’s why today we are helping you with three fitness exercises that you and your children are sure to enjoy working out with at your ski vacation resort or at home:

1) Musical chairs


Who doesn’t know the game of musical chairs? Pure adrenaline flows through your veins as you wait to jump on one of the remaining chairs when the music stops! What if you put on a workout playlist and instead of dancing around the chairs the children had to jump, jog, do lunges or squats? Arrange the chairs throughout the room: this makes musical chair play more sporty and stimulates not only musical sense, but also stamina & in a playful way!

2) (Light) weight of children


Do your children constantly jump on you and always want to do exactly what you do? So why not make it part of your fitness routine? For example, you can use them as a counterweight in crunches: Sit across from each other and pass a ball to each other every time you get close. Or for the brave: Put your child on your back while doing floor lunges or push-ups on the mat! Action and commitment guaranteed, but always take care of yourself, your back and the children:

1) Indoor obstacle course


Bring chairs, cushions, balls, tape, and anything else you can find in your apartment and let’s start a Mission Impossible workout! Create a paired course in the house in which you have to pass under chairs, jump from pillow to pillow or squeeze between “laser beams” (strips of tape). Whoever completes the course the fastest and with the fewest mistakes can now call themselves Home Ninja Warrior! Are you looking for inspiration? 😉

Admit it, these exercises also awaken the child in you! If your children still haven’t had enough after all this exercise, we recommend that you let them spend an hour in the ball pool at ACTIV FITNESS Lucerne Bundesplatz: kids (and us too!) Will definitely want to never leave, yay!

Did you know that in most of our ACTIV FITNESS gyms we have a supervised children’s area where your/children can let off steam while you work out? You can find detailed information about our range of children’s areas here:

In the next issue, we’ll deal with the first feelings of spring, because after all, it’s almost Valentine’s Day!